LIF announces award scheme

The Lighting Industry Federation (LIF) has unveiled plans for a lighting award scheme, which focuses on the upgrading of existing installations to improve energy-efficiency.

Peter Denny, LIF’s President explained that the Federation’s Energy Management and Innovation in Lighting Award Scheme (EMILAS) will encourage owners and users to upgrade their existing lighting installations.

“It will give recognition to lighting schemes which show proven energy savings with a minimum level of 20% improvement over previous schemes, “says Mr Denny.

“A major aim is raising awareness of the benefits of investing in upgraded lighting to reduce running costs, resulting in good bottom-line savings for owners and users – as well as improving the quality of light used.”

Commencing with a pilot initiative, the awards are open to all those in the lighting industry and associated supply chain including manufacturers, lighting designers, architects and installation contractors.

LIF will seek support for the pilot from the Government as part of its commitment to supporting innovative approaches to encourage energy-efficiency.

Peter Denny continues: “We envisage that in the pilot, most entries will probably be initiated by LIF member companies. We’re asking our members to give their support to this to ensure the pilot is a success, and would encourage all interested parties to submit entries.”

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