LG takes it all back

A Green Charter produced by LG makes it clear that the company is well on the road towards a ‘take back’ strategy and ‘end of life’ recycling of air conditioning equipment.
“The enforcement of the EU WEEE Directive has accelerated the expansion of end-of- life product take-back regulations throughout the world,” says the president of LG’s Air Conditioning Division H. Y. Nho. “At present, many governments in various regions are trying to finalise their own take-back legislation.
“LG has been involved in the process of establishing such legislation and has supported the introduction of take-back systems that are economically viable.”
LG has produce an illustrated 20 page electronic document (available in pdf format) on the topic which includes a road map of eco friendly products designed and built by the company.
The road map starts with the single split and ends with the state of the art hybrid system, offering energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, a true eco design. The charter also reveals how dealers can get involved by becoming Green Suppliers.
The company is also very proud of its eco manufacturing record and reveals in the Green Charter that despite increasing output, the company’s CO2 emissions have actually been steadily reducing over the last five years.

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