LG launch Multi V Space

LG has introduced the latest addition to its expanding range of VRF products – the Multi V Space. This energy efficient outdoor unit is entirely inverter driven – both compressors and fan motors. It is also extremely quiet in operation, up to 10dBa quieter than equivalent capacity conventional systems.
It can be sited inside a cupboard/plant room with the fans facing outwards on a louvered wall or exterior grille. The sirocco fans reject the heat away from the outdoor unit to the left and the right which prevents short cycling between the air off and air on. The systems are available in either 5 or 10 hp in heat pump option only.

The unit only needs access to the front – thus allowing it to be mounted inside a cupboard in the living area of an apartment block, for example. The minimum installation space requirements are 900mm front access (service space), the rear of the unit can be fitted flush against a louvered wall, or ducting can be fitted if required (ESP can be increased if necessary up to 120 Pascals).

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