LG is universal

LG’s Universal outdoor units have been reduced in size to offer space savings along with a concentrated series of additions and improvements.
LG Universal Condensers, up to 8 kW (model UU30) are now single fan and the large, upwards discharge 14 and 15 kW (models UU48&UU60) condensers have been replaced by new smaller, tombstone double fan horizontal discharge units.
Ease of siting, installation and commissioning are the hallmarks of this Universal range which can service cassettes, ducted or convertibles units
The new LG Universal range is claimed to one of the quietest of its type currently available on the UK market, it now comes with a ‘silent night’ mode. This is often an important installation concern in areas sensitive to noise pollution at night.
The new range of units use the high efficiency DC inverter compressors; thanks to digital technology the LG Universal can control capacity accurately. With this advanced technology LG air conditioning tunes itself to meet the load on the building, as the room reaches the set temperature the inverter slows down, thus saving precious energy. A fixed compressor, by comparison, would just cycle on and off.

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