LG adds remote control

New from LG for end-user benefit, is a Radio Frequency Remote Controller and Receiver Kit. This allows ducted indoor units to be controlled through any type of ceiling wirelessly, without the need for a receiver to be fitted inside the room.
Each radio frequency controller has an adjustable frequency range of between 432.92MHz and 434.92MHz, so if required each unit can be controlled separately (thousands of selectable frequencies can be set by the push of a button) or alternatively multiple units can be set to work from one controller.

The radio frequency transmission distance is up to 20 metres; therefore you may operate the unit from anywhere within this range (not just the room where the indoor unit exists) regardless of obstacles – such as walls or floors.

The receiver is connected to the indoor unit via a white 7 pin socket located on the indoor unit PCB.

Usually with ducted units it is not possible to install an infra red controller, as they don’t have a receiver inbuilt.

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