Let it snow

Tyco Thermal Controls has expanded its Raychem range of under-surface electric snow melting systems with the launch of a further two new products developed for keeping exposed pedestrian and vehicular access areas open and safe during wintry weather.
These additions are a higher voltage heating cable suitable for large area applications and an easy-to-lay pre-terminated power mat for fast installation on defined wheel tracks and footpaths. Now the Raychem range can offer economic solutions for snow and ice melting across both large or small and intricate areas and under all traditional surfaces.

The new systems join the well proven Raychem EM2-XR self-regulating cable system (Viagard) for concrete surfaces and the mineral insulated (MI) cable system which is ideal for use under hot cast asphalt as it offers resistance to temperatures circa 250°C and will withstanding a heavy roller.

The addition of a pre-terminated system employing a 400V heating cable and designed for use where a 3-phase supply is available opens up the potential for keeping larger areas clear.

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