Less is more

They say size isn’t everything, but standing at just 25cm tall, the CAS ECO 2 roof ventilator from Itho can be discretely installed on roof tops, but still packs a mean eco-friendly punch. Offering highly efficient extract ventilation from all wet rooms, this multiple apartment central extract unit boasts a reduction in energy consumption of up to 40%. Identified by its flat design and low construction height the unit sits discretely out of view from most passers-by.
Extracting air from multiple locations, the CAS ECO 2 works on the basis of collective ventilation. Suitable for installation in both domestic and commercial buildings, the unit uses a single collective ventilation duct that removes the contaminated air from all wet rooms and releases it into the atmosphere through the roof ventilator.  The unit can be easily attuned allowing for maximum user control, this combined with a quiet, low consumption DC motor ensures residents are less likely to tamper with the system as they themselves are in full control. 
Available in three models, the CAS ECO 2 range are all identical in size but offer varying extract capacities depending on your specific requirements. 
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