Less energy, more savings

Osram has added a new innovation to its T5 range – the LUMILUX T5 High Output (HO) XT. This triphosphor fluorescent tube boasts an extremely long lifetime of up to 45,000 hours making it ideal for applications where lamp replacements are difficult and costly.

The T5 HO XT tube is available in 54W and 80W versions as well as a range of colour temperatures so that the right product can be selected for the application. It is perfectly matched with Osram’s QUICKTRONIC electronic control gear (ECG) which ensures optimum lamp performance.

Due to the extended lifetime of the T5 HO XT tube, maintenance intervals are longer and maintenance work can be planned and calculated to avoid disruptions in places that are operational 24 hours a day. The longer lifetime also leads to a reduction in waste and waste disposal. Industry, tunnels, street lighting, high ceilings and difficult-to-reach luminaires are all ideal applications for this new product.

As part of Osram’s LUMILUX range, the T5 HO XT tube benefits from high luminous flux, high luminous efficacy and excellent colour rendering.


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