Leisure centre operator cuts electrical energy costs by 30% with ABB drives

Places for People Leisure has reduced electrical energy use at 60 swimming pools by installing ABB variable speed drives on pool circulation pumps and air handling units

A leisure centre operator has cut energy use at its pools by 30 percent following the installation of ABB variable speed drives (VSDs).

ABB drives rated between 4 kW and 30 kW have been installed on air handling units (AHUs) and pool circulation pumps in 60 of the leisure centres operated by Places for People Leisure. This has reduced power consumption by matching the speed of the motors driving the applications to the required demand.

The ABB drives were retrofitted by Powermaster Leisure Limited, a company specialising in energy-saving technologies. The VSDs on both the pool circulation pumps and the AHUs reduce motor speed by 10 percent during the day and 20 percent at night, giving a total energy saving over a 24-hour period of approximately 30 percent.

ABB drives were selected because they are robust enough to withstand the demanding conditions of swimming pool plant rooms, says John Moffatt, managing director of Powermaster. “The vast majority of Powermaster’s VSD installations are in swimming pool plant rooms, where the atmosphere can be corrosive because of the chemicals used. It is therefore essential to have a product that can cope, long term, with these conditions. The ABB drives have double-coated circuit boards to protect against such environments.”

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