Legrand slots in with cable tray

Legrand’s range of wire mesh cable tray is unbeatable for strength, speed and flexibility.

Designed as part of the company’s global product development programme, the Swifts SW range (SWCT) combines the quality synonymous with the famous Swifts name and the innovative approach to research and development that Legrand is renowned for.

Amongst the key features of the range are:

• Its vast selection of supports and fixings.

• A slot and tab system that enables tray to be secured directly to fittings without the need for additional fixings.

• A choice of different finishes that make the range suitable for use in any environment, including electroplated zinc for internal applications, hot dip galvanised for general external applications and stainless steel for the most demanding environments.

• Three different tray depths and a wide selection of widths (from 50 to 600mm) that complete the flexibility and appeal of the range.

Commenting on the Swifts SW range, Legrand Marketing Manager, Matt Crunden said: “The product features the kind of technical innovations that have helped maintain our market leading position for so many years.”


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