Legrand puts users in control

Legrand has launched a new guest room management system that provides ease of use, customisation and control for guests, reception staff or the hotel head office.


Fully compatible with Fidelio, Suite and Opera hotel reservation systems, the new guest room management system optimises comfort, energy efficiency and aesthetics providing intuitive, ease of use for guests and control of individual rooms, floors or the whole building for the hotel.


Pre-programmed with an entry scenario (access control, temperature set and courtesy light) and exit scenario (temperature set, lights off), the room settings can be altered to suit the guest’s requirements when they make their reservation, when they check in or when they arrive at their room.


Guests can select from a number of pre-set scenarios to suit their requirements, including comfort (do not disturb, temperature set, dimmer), sleeping (do not disturb, lights off) and eco scenarios (open window, eco temperature), creating a bespoke environment incorporating all room functions to meet their preferences. These settings can then be monitored and controlled by the hotel’s reception, enabling lights to be switched off or heating to be turned down while the room is vacant.



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