Ledaire safety surveys

Today’s Design Technology courses may offer pupils a good grounding in such skills as metal fabrication, but schools and colleges wanting to be sure that the hoods and canopies installed in their kitchens comply with all relevant legislation really require the help of a specialist like Ledaire Fabrications.

The Croydon-based company, which manufactures commercial cooker hoods for clients across the hotel, catering, hospital, education and other sectors, is offering schools and colleges the opportunity to have a free no obligation survey of their catering areas carried out.

Aside from removing warm moist air from the cooking area and controlling odours, a correct balance of extract and ventilation is essential for health reasons.

The scope of the survey will cover the design as well as the physical condition of each hood or canopy, and the serviceability and efficiency of its extract system. This will ensure that island or wall mounted installations offer adequate overhangs, promote cleanliness, will not permit condensation to drip onto anything below, and that any  risk of fire is addressed.


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