LED security lighting

Eness Lighting Systems has developed a revolutionary new range of LED light fittings which not only deliver high quality white light to enhance the performance of security systems but also offer running cost savings of up to 70%, a maintenance free life span of 15 years and superior performance benefits.
Working with Fife Council’s facilities management department, the Eness Development team, designed and manufactured an LED wall packette which not only provided the quality of white light required but also delivered  substantial cost, performance and environmental benefits that are critical in meeting the Council’s future sustainability and environmental policy requirements.
Eness Systems’ Managing Director Norrie Scott, explained: “The power of LED technology has advanced to such a degree that it offers an unrivalled combination of high quality white light with all the performance and environmental benefits that come with LED technology.
“The results are outstanding. Not only does CCTV now provide superbly clear pictures which has significantly improved the overall performance of the system, the Council is enjoying energy savings of over 70% per annum and need never worry about changing the luminaries for the next 15 years.”

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