LED high and low bay lighting

Goodlight retrofit LED High and Low Bay lighting is the ultimate energy efficient option to replace metal halide and sodium high bay lamps. Heavyweight in both performance and design, these LED lamps from LED Eco Lights incorporate a multi-layered LED chip arrangement to create an intensive light source. The light is then distributed by using a range of aluminium and prismatic reflectors to provide unparalleled levels of brightness and clarity.

Available in two models, the 100W option will replace a 400W in traditional lighting, whilst the 60W Low Bay option will replace a 250W traditional High Bay. These can be mounted at heights from 4m to 12m and will replace existing lighting on a like-for-like basis without the need for additional fixtures.

Covered by a comprehensive five year guarantee, the new Goodlight LED High and Low Bay lighting is able to provide consistent savings of at least 70% in energy costs and carbon plus even more in maintenance by eliminating the huge costs of replacing lamps at height and in hard-to-reach areas. Its uses range from applications in warehouses, storage and distribution to manufacturing, engineering and production.


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