Large scale pump

The Scalebreaker C230 tank mounted pump from Kamco has been developed for descaling larger calorifiers, boilers, cooling towers, and heating systems.
The C230 is ideal for cleaning calorifiers to remove scale and debris, which otherwise reduce efficiency, and screens legionella and other bacteria from the effect of biocide treatments.

Other applications are acid washing package boilers and descaling large plate and tubed heat exchangers without the need for dismantling.

The acid resistant pump is vertically mounted on an integral 200 litre capacity tank, and is supplied complete with flow and return hoses and a flow reversal device for faster descaling. The hoses have BSP threaded couplings for easy connection to the plant being cleaned.

A 200 litre per minute flow rate combined with a 24 metre head ensures vigorous and turbulent movement of conventional descaling solutions, biocides, and hypochlorite solutions when used for sterilisation of systems.

Safety during decaling is improved, as aggressive chemicals are always safely contained within the tank, hoses and equipment being descaled, minimising fumes and splashes.

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