KNX Certified One Pair Cable Now in Stock at FS Cables

KNX member FS Cables has added the KNX certified 1 pair cable to its KNX range.

Similar in construction to the standard 2 x 2 x 0.8mm, the one pair version features a single twisted solid conductor pair with a foil screen in a green low smoke halogen free (LSHF) jacket.

The cable benefits from being smaller, lighter and offers savings on both space and containment. As a LSHF cable, it is also suitable for installations in public buildings where fire safety is paramount.

KNX is an ideal solution for consultants, specifiers, designers, installers and end users as a flexible, user friendly and energy efficient system, particularly in the field of building controls.

All KNX certified equipment has been tested to meet this high standard and only equipment meeting this can carry the logo. This ensures the quality, reliability and guaranteed compatibility of all KNX devices and equipment.

The one pair cable compliments the existing range of KNX certified cables stocked by FS Cables including the standard two pair cable in standard green or white, and duct grade or armoured versions for external applications.

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