KNX announces award winners

KNX UK, the Association representing manufacturers, integrators and training establishments and users of KNX technology, has presented the first winners of the annual KNX UK Awards designed to recognise the very best in KNX technology and applications.
Andrew Hempsall of APH Limited collected an award for an application which will help dementia sufferers remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Instead of a patient being forced to go into full time constant care, a flat within a Sheltered Housing Scheme in Bristol has been converted into a prototype Smart Home by APH, allowing the occupant to retain most of their independence and privacy whilst upholding their dignity.
Wieland’s KNX EnOcean Gateway was voted product of the year with the award being presented to Managing Director Mark Redfern. A new addition to the company’s range of KNX plug & play products, it is one of the first KNX gateways available on the market within the UK for connecting KNX to the wireless EnOcean system. The gateway allows around 100 KNX group addresses to be assigned to battery-less wireless EnOcean switches allowing KNX to expand within the emerging field of EnOcean devices.

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