Knurr Miracel cabling cabinets

Knurr Miracel Cabinet ranges are a long established network and data centre cabinet solution. The latest generation of Miracel Cabling cabinets have been specially developed following extensive network application experience and are claimed to provide complete, user-friendly network cabling solutions, for both fibre and copper requirements.
Corner-less design maximises cabling access, which includes multiple cabling options, with patching and cabling readily achieved from front & rear. Total flexibility with variable fixing positions, front-to-back and top-to-bottom and numbered identification guides on verticals, help maximise cable management efficiency. An impressive choice of cabling fittings include; 19″ panels, patch & blanking hoops, rings, trays, ducts and brush strips.
A robust, stable construction and quality finish, includes easy-fit doors, with a tough, full-view acrylic panel and secure, removable side cladding. Door security options include; key locks, keypads, combination locks, switch cards and CCTV recognition systems.
Sizes range from 42U to 47U x 800wide x 1000 deep or 1200mm deep.
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