Klober levels up with major distribution expansion

Roofing components supplier, Klober has recently invested into a major expansion project at its Castle Donington distribution centre in line with aims to improve availability and efficiency for distributors and contractors.

The upgrades come as part of a wider strategy to tailor ranges in response to customer feedback. Consequently, the business has invested into significant range extensions that offer more variety.

Klober has reported a surge in demand following a turbulent 2021 for industry, throughout which it was helping customers navigate industry-wide supply issues, alongside skills shortages acceleration of the government’s green agenda.

The re-configuration of Klober’s main distribution centre has increased capacity by at least 50%, ensuring optimum stock levels and ability to quickly introduce new product lines.

The project followed a three-phase expansion plan: Firstly, introducing external pallet racking which holds bulky product outside, allowing Klober to free up considerable space. Secondly, the installation of drive-in pallet racking, designed specifically to hold Klober’s 1.1m membrane, providing yet more floor space. And thirdly, consolidating existing pallet racking by narrowing the width of the aisles between each rack, allowing for three additional double runs of racking to be installed. This modernised layout maximises space, increases efficiency and supports a safe environment for the team as it encourages a clean, tidy, and spacious workplace.

Jenny Gallon, logistics and warehouse manager spearheaded the project and worked with partner Ikon Solutions who consulted on the design and layout. She commented: “Last year customers turned to established brands more than ever for guidance, support, and stability. And most importantly for construction, there was less focus on driving down quality and cost, and more appreciation of availability, resilience, and value propositions. By being completely transparent and responsive to customer needs, our business was able to help them through a period of high demand. This sparked the investment at Castle Donington which will improve our resilience even further.”

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