Keston is key in energy drive

Six of Keston Boilers’ highly energy-efficient modulating C110 condensing models have been installed to complement the new Biomass unit at Whitchurch Hospital.

Working with the Shropshire hospital’s engineering department, Talbotts Heating’s Bio-300kW woodchip Biomass boiler – a fast-growing development in utilising renewable and sustainable energy – replaced the original boilers to supply both heating and DHW for the hospital. Keston’s six boilers were installed to provide 100 percent stand-by capacity and to support the project’s ‘future emissions liabilities.’ The six units, totting up a 660kW output, are capable of heating 2,000 litres of water and providing all the hospital’s heating requirements.

Paul Sartin, from Bruce Boucher Consultancy, said: “Keston equipment was selected for this project as it is modular, highly efficient and most importantly, reliable.”

The C110s will be utilised during the summer months when the Biomass unit cannot ‘slumber’ below 75kW. They will also be used to ‘top-off’ in the colder periods, during routine servicing and in the instance of possible hitches with fuel deliveries, when the Biomass could be offline.

The C110 commercial gas units are distinctive in concept and design, each with an exceptionally high efficiency rate of 98 percent (GCV). They were developed as both an economic and space-saving solution, offering a choice of optional extras that can be selected to meet individual installation requirements, a crucial benefit on projects such as Whitchurch Hospital.

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