Keraflo extends the range

The Aylesbury KAX Type float valve is the latest addition to the Keraflo extended drop range designed for installation in water storage tanks with raised valve chambers.
The KAX valve is available in larger sizes, with four models from 1¼” to 2” (32mm to 50mm) and is therefore particularly suitable for Type AA and AB air gaps where valves larger than 1” are required. These valves have a non-adjustable operating differential between opening and closing of 75mm.

The delayed action of the Aylesbury KAX valve ensures it remains fully open until upward water pressure on the puncture proof key-shaped float, which is manufactured from CFC free polyethylene closed cell PE foam, causes it to close in a single action. All Aylesbury valves are based on rotating ceramic discs which have ports aligned when open and misaligned when closed. As there are no seats or washers to wear out they are virtually indestructible and completely maintenance free.

The unique combined action of the valve eliminates water dribble, water hammer and valve bounce as well as pump hunting in pumped systems.

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