Keeping radiators fit for a king

Visitors to Richard III’s final resting place will receive a warmer welcome after recent works to restore Leicester Cathedral’s heating system.
ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is taking the opportunity to highlight that, as with all heating systems, it will only remain ‘fit for a king’ if proper maintenance measures are put in place to ensure optimum performance.
The cathedral’s giant cast iron radiators were recently renovated in preparation for the notorious king’s reburial on Thursday 26 March. ADEY points out that without proper protection and ongoing maintenance, his royal highness’ final resting place may soon start to feel the cold.
“While it’s clear to see great care has been taken to restore the huge original radiators, it would be a shame for their performance to quickly deteriorate,” says Haimish Mead, Marketing Director at ADEY.
“Following a system cleanse, simply installing a magnetic filter and dosing with a premium inhibitor, the efficiency of these impressive radiators would be protected from the damaging effects of sludge and debris. Corrosion and rust can affect cast iron radiators significantly, so it’s crucial to put the right measures in place, especially in this case considering the importance of the cathedral’s new occupant.
“According to research, the presence of just 5kg of sludge within a system, which is not uncommon, could reduce radiator heat output by up to 36%.”

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