Keeping cool and reducing costs, without traditional air conditioning

A manufacturer of plastic components for automotive industry is no longer counting the cost of keeping cool, after installing an evaporative cooling system.
Staff and employees at Nifco UK Limited, were uncomfortable in the high temperatures reached during the Summer months and quite rightly reported this discomfort. The company then started investigating appropriate solutions.
The production plant had an extraction system installed with no fresh air supply: the system was specified for warehouses but not suitable for injection moulding process.
Production management then researched traditional forms of cooling, initially considering the installation of four mechanical air handling units and heat pumps. However, this system required heavily intrusive ductwork within the roof space and significant floor space.
For this reason, the management contacted Ambient HVAC and seriously considered evaporative cooling as a possible solution.

The Project
The project posed real challenges as the power supply of the factory was limited, power upgrades were expected at a cost of £500k. Several solutions were proposed by various specialists from standard DX cooling to supply air displacement with energy recovery and chilled water-based cooling with free cooling capability. Ambient HVAC analysed the building’s heat load and suggested installation of Breezair TBSI 580 units and extraction fans on the factory roof. A competitive tender process was undertaken, and the pros and cons were reviewed against Ambient evaporative cooling based ventilation design. The following comparisons were made.

Initial installation cost:

Conventional HVAC: £ 1100k to 1575k
Breezair evaporative cooling: £285k

Running cost:

Traditional centralised Air Conditioning (employing energy efficiency technology –chilled water with free cooling) anticipated annual running cost £216,000 (150KW capacity, cop 2.5, 1800 hours per annum @10P/KW hour)
Evaporative cooling (employing energy efficiency technology –inverter drives, modulating zone control) anticipated annual running cost £43,200 (300KW capacity, cop 12.5, 1800 hours per annum @10P/KW hour)
Cooling capacity
Conventional HVAC: 150kW
Breezair evaporative cooling: 300kw

The installation
Ambient designed a system to negate the heat load whilst increasing the air quality / volume by up to 7 times. A number of localised systems were strategically positioned to provide maximum effectiveness without impacting on the working areas/production of the plant. 28 Breezair TBSI 580 + 10 extractions fans were installed (to remove heat and stale air); high level, high velocity supply ducts, diffuse fresh cool air to the occupancy level for comfort and air quality. Displacement effect ensures reliable and efficient air management that can be zoned to suite the varying loads within the production areas. Bespoke controls and Inverter drive technology ensure energy input is minimised and monitored throughout.

Uncomfortable summer temperatures that could reach 35°C in the factory, turned to a more comfortable 24°C, improving thermal comfort and employees’ well-being. A criterion for selection of the Breezair system is that it can be easily added to if required, which is not so easy to achieve with traditional mechanical air handling systems. Stale warm air is now replaced with fresh cooled air and this is having a positive impact on work force’s health and comfort.

Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the most efficient option when cooling large areas. Breezair is the best example of evaporative cooling on the market. Available in different ranges to meet customers’ needs and 100% manufactured in Australia, it is famous worldwide for unbeatable quality and performance.

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