Keeping control by phone

On-site fire alarm fault finding is now more convenient following the development of Smartphone connectivity from Static Systems Group (SSG).

Remote access is not new and SSG technical teams have for some time been providing service support for its fire alarm systems through IP-enabled technology. However, with the phenomenal rise in the use of Smartphones, the latest enhancement is welcome news to those responsible for on-site fire systems.

This Smartphone application on SSG’s 900evo fire alarm system will help to speed up decision making and first-line diagnostics by providing immediate notification of alarms or faults. The events can be discussed and often resolved over the telephone, or if appropriate, support can be instigated, from SSG’s specialist engineers.

When a notifiable event is triggered on site, an email is sent to the Smartphone of nominated personnel making it possible for them to access event histories, alarm information and site details – facilities previously available only through a desk-top computer screen.

The new feature is of particular benefit to those who work on several different sites or on large, dispersed sites.

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