Keep your workplace comfortable

Delivering a healthy working environment free of air-borne contaminants in industrial and commercial premises is a high priority for many employers in order to meet health and safety regulations. The problem is that historically the technology available has been relatively inefficient.

Clivet has now developed a high efficiency packaged unit, the Zephir2, which provides filtered fresh air whilst simultaneously extracting energy from the exhaust air. This ensures that full air renewal and purification is achieved at maximum efficiency. The unit is available with electronic high efficiency filters that are effective against smoke, fine dust particles, viruses and bacteria.

Available in sizes ranging from 4,500 to 16,000m3/h air flow, the Zephir2 uses a thermodynamic circuit to recover energy contained in the exhaust air flow and transfers it to the conditioned area using heat pump technology. This is achieved without introducing the high pressure drops associated with cross-flow heat exchangers in traditional systems. It also has the benefit of eliminating the external fresh air load, so providing additional capacity to maintain the comfort of the conditioned space.

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