Kanmor offers greener heating

A completely new way of achieving optimum temperature comfort in buildings has been developed by Kanmor Control Systems.
The new Kanmor tN4 Integrated Temperature Control System (tN4) goes beyond compensating for outdoor weather conditions. It is the first component based system of its kind that fully integrates the air temperature of each individual room with the heating water temperature. The heart of the tN4 is a controller that understands what temperature exists in each room of the home or office. When there is a demand for heat from an intelligent thermostat, the tN4 controller responds and fine tunes the heating water temperature in that particular part of the building.
Up to four different water temperatures can be supplied into a single heating application, with the tN4 system calculating the various water temperatures required based on outdoor air temperature. Water temperatures are closely matched to the prevailing conditions thereby reducing the amount of fuel needed to quickly maintain the required comfort levels. As you’d expect with such a state-of-the-art system, the controller has been designed to work with both heating and cooling systems.
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