Just one controller

The new Blue Box modular room controllers from Infranet Partners integrate temperature, ventilation and lighting control in a single unit.

The Blue Box concept not only saves time and expense during installation and commissioning, but also saves energy throughout the life of the building, as heating and cooling set points and ventilation levels are dynamically adjusted based upon room occupancy.  Maintenance costs are also reduced through fewer control boxes and simple plug and play wiring.

Blue Box controllers are supplied by Infranet Partners either ‘ready-to-run’ for the most common applications, or freely programmable for custom projects.

“People are recognising the value of an integrated approach to room control” said Tim Sly, Managing Director of Infranet Partners UK.  “A typical office has systems for lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation.  Traditionally, each is served by its own controller, with limited scope to integrate functions without significant engineering.  Our Blue Box concept saves money on product purchases and installation, as well as saving energy.”


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