Jaga reinvents column radiators

New from Jaga for 2009 are two products inspired by traditional column radiators that have been given an added contemporary twist. The Jaga Pinch has soft, sculpted curved ribs that make it suitable for the hippest hotel, office or home, while the Jaga Twine has a cool authenticity to ensure that it complements and enhances any setting be it traditional or modern.

The heating performance of both the Pinch and the Twine is as impressive as their looks. Both new products work well with modern modulating condensing or heat pumps in a low water temperature system, using less than 50% of the energy required by traditional heating systems, and delivering a powerful EN442 rated output of 1000 Watt/m² at a setting of 55/45.

A further design feature of The Pinch and Twine is that, for the first time, the streamlined vertical lines are maintained regardless of how high or wide the selected radiator is, or where it is placed in a room. This allows an unbroken, clean, uniform look to be created even if horizontal and vertical radiators are being used in the same space.


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