It is the law (part L building regs) that in hard water areas a scale preventer must be placed before any new boiler installed

Not many people know that .. to coin a famous phrase, but it reflects the increased cost of energy usage arising as a result of scaling caused by hard water.

Traditionally water softeners’ might have been used for this purpose but there are increasing environmental concerns about the use of water softeners .. in parts of California they are now banned.

Fluid dynamics is one of the Uk’s oldest manufacturers of water conditioners to prevent hard water scaling. Established in 1973 its UK manufactured Scaletron range is in use not only in the Uk where organisations such as Waitrose, Marks and Spencers and Cambridge university use its products .. but in more than 40 countries around the world as well  Organisations are moving to Fluid Dynamics non chemical green water treatment products.

Organisations such as Unilver who install Fluid Dynamics units on their steam boilers. Walmart who protect refrigeration condensors, University of Texas who protect hot water systems. Nestles  in Jordan protecting coffee machines.. Honda and NHK springs in Thailand protecting  air compressor cooling systems and thousands more. Since the beginning of this year Fluid Dynamics has exported its products to more than 20 countries ranging from protecting the hotel voted the most romantic in the world on the Cook Islands to Kimberley Clark in Italy and countries such as Romania, Egypt. Tunisia, France, Holland and Russia.

So what makes Fluid Dynamics products so special?

Firstly .. they consume no energy, secondly they add nothing and take nothing from the water, thirdly they require no maintenance and finally they can last up to 10 years and costa fraction of conventional treatments.  Easy to install it is only a matter of cutting a pipe and and inserting a length of pipe containing fluid dynamics patented alloy shape composed of a number of different semi precious metals that when in the correct combination will generate an electric current thuat has the ability to neutralise the potential of water to form hard calcite scale in pipework and heat exchangers.

Big or Little scale prevention is a headache for all.

The smallest unit scale preventer manufactured by Fluid Dynamics is only 8mm in diameter and is used to protect coffee machines.. The largest is 16” in Diameter  protecting a giant cooling system in a nitric acid plant in Argentina.  But it doesn’t stop there … such is the successful reputation of Fluid Dynamics Technology in South America that the com0pany is working of units ranging from 72” in Diameter for a cooling circuit for a power station to 36 and 48 inch diameter units for sugar processing plants.

In the USA Fluid Dynamics Housetron products are gaming rapid acceptance .. sales are more than double the level of last year and expected to double again in the coming year.. on chain 0f supermarkets plans to install Fluid Dynamics Scaletrons in all 780 of its supermarkets throughout the USA.

Scaling is a problem worldwide- but happily Fluid Dynamics has a reasonably priced solution.

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