IT facilities are vulnerable

Computer downtime means loss of time and profitability. Yet, according to a recent research survey carried out amongst IT managers, it was reported that only 8.1% use an integrated security and environmental monitoring system to safeguard their data centres.
The one-stop answer to complete security – and environmental monitoring for the IT environment – is Daitem’s GSM Communicator. With a Daitem GSM system in place, major threats to the integrity of a network infrastructure and thus to system continuity, can be notified 24/7 so that potential damage or disaster is swiftly detected, reported and averted.

Daitem systems, when allied with appropriate sensors, can provide remote notification of environmental breaches, for example, air conditioning failures (which affected nearly one in two businesses last year), UPS failures, water leaks, floods, fire, smoke, temperature rise and, of course, physical security breaches. In an event, the Daitem GSM Communicator can send different types of alerts: a prerecorded voice message, for instance, flood, UPS system failure or intruder etc, a text message to transmit the alarm to a mobile phone, and a digital message transmitted to a remote monitoring company.

Daitem systems are mostly based on latest generation wireless technology and can be independent of electrical power. In essence they can either use mains electricity or a standalone lithium battery pack, with a five-year life, according to specific requirements. Up to eight different detection parameters can be monitored using Daitem systems.

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