iSense simplicity

Simplicity in design and operation defines the Remeha iSense high quality room thermostat / controller.

A large bright blue back lit LCD screen, two buttons and one turn and press dial make the iSense exceptionally user friendly.

But don’t be fooled by its simplicity! The iSense controller provides an extensive range of options to ensure a high standard of comfort for either home or office. Simply scroll through the menu, accessing help texts at the press of a button if you need further explanation, and then choose your settings.

For use in either commercial or domestic settings, the iSense works in combination with the Remeha Avanta, Gas 110 or Quinta boiler ranges. The intelligent software, which constantly monitors the performance of the boiler, also communicates directly with the iSense controller.

Alternatively, and to the advantage of the installer, the iSense may be fitted via a simple two wire connection, into the control panel of either a Gas 110 or Quinta range boiler, where it will act as a weather-dependent controller.

Remeha iSense provides the simple, smart solution to central heating control.

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