Is your Fire Certificate worth it?

Ninety percent of current Fire Certificates are not worth the paper they are written on, states Gent by Honeywell, because the automatic fire detection system does not comply with the current British Standard. To help correct this situation, the company offers a CPD seminar which examines why such systems are non compliant. It admits that this seminar, entitled ‘Playing with Fire’, is a potentially contentious presentation, as it thoroughly examines the process of providing a system from design, installation and commissioning and questions why the end result often does not reflect the requirements of either the standard or the original design. Therefore, it is a good starting point for anyone planning to install fire detection systems and wishing to avoid the many pitfalls.

‘Playing with Fire’, is one of five CPD seminars offered from Gent by Honeywell, all designed to enable end-users and professionals, such as architects, M&E consultants, installers, and facility managers, to improve and extend their knowledge of fire detection and alarm technology so as to ensure that the systems for which they are responsible meet the current standards. Each seminar aims to provide a better understanding of the key considerations surrounding a particular topic.

The titles of the other four seminars are:

1. Watching the Detectors – the selection and siting of the various types of detectors that are available.

2. Raising the Standard – an overview of BS 5839:1:2002 which covers the design, installation and commissioning of a fire detection system.

3. Don’t be Alarmed – voice alarm (VA) systems and how they are used in conjunction with advanced fire detection systems.

4. Comply don’t Fry – the effects on the requirements of a new fire detection systems in light of changes to the Legislation, Building Regulations and Standards.

All five seminars have been approved and certified by the Construction CPD Service. Attendees are provided with full supporting documentation and on completion of a seminar will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Full details of the seminars and inquiry forms can be obtained from the Gent by Honeywell website:

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