Introducing the iTSP Intelligent BACnet Room Sensor

C Squared highlights a common problem within the industry that the client adjusts the temperature setpoint via a rotary Potentiometer/Thermostat/TRV and due to the limitations of this technology the temperature setpoint remains at set position inducing energy wastage.

C Squared would like to introduce the iTSP Intelligent BACnet Room Sensor with adjustable Setpoint/Auto reset to factory default to comply with ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme) requirements.

As the intelligent sensor incorporates digital technology and BACnet communications, the problem is eliminated and the setpoint is automatically reset to factory default/pre-selected time period set by the BACnet BMS controller and cannot be left overridden reducing energy wastage.

  • Automatic reset of Temperature / CO2 setpoint at the end of pre-selected time period
  • Manual Setpoint adjustment of Temperature and optional CO2 level (Setpoint can be configured in four positive steps and four negative steps to clients desired settings from the main BMS controller)
  • Additional PIR/Sensor input available
  • BACnet communications
  • 2 x 0-10VDC outputs,configurable ie one for heating and one for cooling/natural ventilation
  • High accuracy temperature and optional CO2 Sensor (Non dispersive infrared sensing technology)
  • Can be integrated with C Squared’s other sensors and peripherals
  • 24V AC/DC supply voltage
  • Anti-microbial™ front face touch membrane – eliminate bacteria
  • Suitable for fan coil, zone control applications and natural ventilation control
  • Unique space saving surface mounted design with pre-wireable base and plug-on fascia plate assists in easy installation
  • Energy saving power supply
  • Designed with unique ventilation slots – increase air flow and sensing accuracy
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Made from recycled white ABS material
  • Back box with BESA fixing holes designed to be fitted and wired prior to decoration

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