Introducing energy efficiency

In these days of rising energy prices and developing Part L legislation, Fläkt Woods has created its e3-Line concept, which includes their JM range of fans fitted with EFF1 motors, providing a more energy efficient solution. This platform is already complete and will enable the even higher efficiency rating motors to be introduced in compliance with the International Standard IEC 60034-30. Branded the e3-Line A range, it is available for selection using the on-line fan selection tool.

The e3-Line concept offers products and complete systems that will continue to provide excellent indoor air quality, and save both the environment and running costs. Today’s motor driven HVAC systems are a prime consumer of energy in the UK and fans represent over 20% of the energy consumed.

To address the needs created by the Part L directive, Fläkt Woods has produced models for calculating the annual energy consumption for individual fans. This helps customers to calculate the energy cost, and consumption of Fläkt Woods’ fans by calculating the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) for any selected fan.

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