Intelligent switchplates

Simmtronic has introduced to its SPECS3 lighting control system a successor to the popular SPK8 switchplate. The new and enhanced SPK.9 addressable wall mounted switchplate has been developed as an intelligent replacement for conventional light switches.
Each press button is individually configurable to select or cycle between lighting scenes with adjustable fade rates and chosen buttons which can also be used to control selected zones, again with multi-channel scene setting.

Connected using the twisted pair SPECS3 E-Bus for both power and communication, two or more plates can be locally looped together on E-Bus so there need only be a single twisted pair cable to connect even the largest switchplate. Simmtronic’s proprietary SPECS3 Manager graphical software can uniquely address, identify and continuously display the status of each SPK.9 on the system and offers a remote control facility.

The SPK.9 range features 2, 3, 4 and 8 button controls on an 85mm2 plate, optional LCD indicators, and multi-gang options. The switchplates are supplied as standard in a satin stainless steel finish but other finishes, switch combinations and LED colours are available to special order.

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