Intelligent pump solutions

Armstrong has launched a series of pre-designed packaged pump solutions that offer specifiers lowest first installed cost, reduced footprint and the opportunity for outstanding energy efficiency performance. Pumps, pipework, controls and motive power are fully-integrated and the packages are manufactured off-site, for fast, efficient installation.

The traditional approach to purchasing a pumping system is to procure pumps, pipework and controls separately, and build the system on site. As a leading supplier of off-site manufactured packaged plant and integrated plantrooms, Armstrong is extremely experienced in offering a more effective option. The new 8000 Series of Fully Integrated Pumping Modules however takes this a step further.

The new 8000 Series are complete fluid management systems, pre-designed and pre-assembled by Armstrong, that can be configured to suit the widest range of applications, with a choice of four levels of control. Costs involved in designing the system are removed, and as the pump solutions are designed by Armstrong (a world-leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment with almost 80 years experience in pump design) they offer the best possible integration of pumps with controls technology for exceptional performance.

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