Intelligence and style

Simple control of a building’s lighting, heating and entertainment functions can now be achieved at the touch of a single button with the launch of ABB’s Busch pri-On intelligent control unit. Using the Busch pri-On, building operators or occupants can control and monitor all room functions from a central point, offering a range of new possibilities for hotels, commercial and residential premises.

Adjustment of room functions can be simply achieved by using the Busch pri-On’s intuitive rotary knob, enabling manipulation of multiple room functions. The 3.5 inch TFT display screen shows all information in clear text, with symbols representing each room function. To help make individual controls easy to recognise and adjust, each room function corresponds to a different colour – lighting is yellow, blind control is blue, indoor climate-heating is orange and scenes are purple.

A ‘scene save’ function allows the user to attribute specific titles to their favourite room settings, which can easily be called up at any time with a single turn of the jog wheel.

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