Integrated thermal energy management and billing made easier than ever

Belimo, the leading manufacturer of damper actuators, control valves and sensors for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology, brings the worlds of “energy control” and “certified energy measurement and billing” together. The new range of Belimo Energy Valves™ and Thermal Energy Meters integrates energy metering, energy control, and IoT-enabled billing in one device.

The unity of the certified BelimoThermal Energy Meter™ and the enhanced Belimo Energy Valve™ allows for transparent thermal energy management. The new MID-approved Thermal Energy Meters assure high accuracy and reliability, allowing for easy and efficient billing. The Belimo Energy Valve™ instantly controls the thermal flow and optimises the energy supply to the user. With this important combination, Belimo is stepping into a new era of integrated thermal energy management. The new range of Belimo Energy Valve™ and Thermal Energy Meters integrates energy metering, energy control and IoT enabled billing in one device. It offers seamless and direct integration to the BMS or to IoT-based monitoring platforms, with IoT-based monitoring, performance tools and billing data. Bringing together performance features to save you time and money.

The Belimo Energy Valve™ offers certified energy metering (MID) and pressure-independent flow, energy efficiency, power control and delta T management in one device. The Energy Valve also monitors and instantly optimises energy consumption for optimal system performance.

The Belimo Thermal Energy Meter™ is certified according to EN 1434/MID and is equipped for remote, IoT-based billing. Belimo’s patented automated glycol monitoring and compensation, ensure that your measurement remains accurate, even if the glycol concentrations change.

Apps and web tools support the design process and offer fast and simple commissioning at your fingertips. A truly digital approach and full transparency on the end users energy data, makes life easier. One device provides all the information you need to improve the energy performance of your system.

High-Quality measurement.

Thermal Energy Meters use ultrasonic transit time technology and as a result are dirt-resistant, wear free and they measure precisely. This is achieved thanks to a fast-measuring cycle. The multipoint wet calibration of each individual meter in production, ensures high accuracy over the entire flow measurement range.

Multi-application device.

The BelimoThermal Energy Meter™ can also be installed either in the return flow or in the supply flow of the system. The application and installation position are provided to the valve during setup using a smartphone and the Belimo Assistant App or using a laptop and the built in web-server.

The Thermal Energy Meters are approved according to MID, for heat metering in pure water systems. Permanent glycol monitoring means that an alarm can be triggered if glycol is present in the water.

Even higher accuracy using automatic glycol compensation

Our Thermal Energy Meters are also available as variant without MID/EN 1434 approval. They can reliably measure energy, even when there is glycol in the water. They automatically and continuously measure the glycol content in the fluid, compensate for it and in doing so, ensure reliable ultrasonic volumetric flow measurement. The results in precise determination of the thermal energy. This model should be selected if you require automatic compensation for glycol such as sub-zero applications.

European Measuring Instruments Directive

Depending on the desired application, Thermal Energy Meters that meet requirements of EN 1434 and have type approval according to the European Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) or devices with automatic glycol compensation are available. If the application requires a calibrated heat measurement, which can be used to settle the costs directly, the MID-approved Thermal Energy Meters are used.


  • Accurate measurement based on ultrasonic transit time technology
  • Ready for IoT-based billing
  • Simple setup and configuration with the Belimo Assistant App
  • Analogue/digital signal conversion of passive and active sensors or switches
  • Analogue output (DC0…10V) is available and can output the flow rate or temperature of the fluid
  • Seamless integration in the building management system via bus communication
  • Device can be powered and data can be transferred directly via an Ethernet cable (PoE)

Multifunctional devices with connection to the cloud

Connection to the Belimo cloud offers not just an extension of the guarantee by two years to seven years but a whole host of benefits. By maintaining a digital twin of the Energy valve in the cloud, authorised users are free to interact with the data directly, or device owners can authorise a third party to provide billing or even analytical services. The possibilities are endless and continue to grow daily.

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