Integrated plant control

Armstrong has launched the IPC 11550 integrated plant control system. System designers face an ever-growing need to address the global demand for reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions. With this in mind the Armstrong IPC 11550 ultra-efficient chilled water plant control system ushers in a new era of efficiency.
Aimed at achieving better than 0.45 kW/ton (7.8 COP) operating efficiency on an annual average basis, it dramatically exceeds today’s best-in-class levels of 0.75 kW/ton (4.7 COP), for water-cooled systems. With air-cooled all variable speed systems, annual average plant efficiency levels better than 0.95 kW/ton (3.7 COP) can be achieved.

Employing the Hartman LOOP methodology of chilled water plant control, the IPC 11550 Control System maximises the benefits of all variable speed plant design. This is a proven control method that employs a patented technique for operating variable speed chilled water plants. Hartman LOOP technology has been installed in several major facilities for over five years and continues to produce energy savings over other control methodologies.

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