Integrate your building’s illumination with the MACH-ProLight

Small, durable, and packed with flexibility, the MACH-ProLight™ advanced lighting controller from Reliable Controls empowers you to save energy by integrating lighting controls directly into your building automation system. The world’s first BTL Listed product to achieve the BACnet Lighting Device (B-LD) profile, the freely programmable MACH-ProLight provides 0–10 V continuous dimming and relay outputs along with highly scalable universal inputs in a modest footprint.

Looking to implement advanced control programs such as daylight harvesting or dim-to-off control, vacancy control, plug-load control, and scene control? The MACH-ProLight is the ideal controller to help you achieve key energy-saving strategies and more in your pursuit of building sustainability.

Compatible with standard lighting-control relays, low-voltage peripherals, EnOcean wireless products, and Reliable Controls SMART-Net and SPACE-Sensor devices, the MACH-ProLight can be ordered as an individual component or as part of a customized, factory-wired, UL 508A–certified lighting control panel from Reliable Controls.

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