Instant hot water

Stokvis Energy Systems has developed the Econoplate ‘C’ series of packaged plate heat exchangers to be used in conjunction with condensing boilers.

Specifically designed to operate with lower primary temperatures provided by condensing boilers, the ‘C’ series Econoplates are available in three ranges – a total of some 50 units – with outputs up to 742 KW.

They operate with primary flow temperatures of 70?C and achieve return temperatures in the mid 40?C’s, so making an effective contribution to the boiler efficiency.

The latest ‘C’ series incorporate a number of benefits, including low water content (not losing heat to the plant room causing excessive boiler firing) a fully modulating control valve that gives close control on heat input, minimising boiler firing and providing accurate control of HWS temperature and water temperatures that are raised from 10?C to 60?C in a split second, so there is no Legionella potential.

The plate heat exchangers are designed to provide hot water instantaneously, without the need for storage, up to their maximum rated output. Where necessary they can be coupled to a buffer vessel for even greater outputs.

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