Inspection technology boost for George Fischer joint performance

The value of George Fischer’s widely specified HDPE pipe systems has just been enhanced through the development of the world’s first non-destructive testing (NDT) regime for HDPE products, which now allows the manufacturer to issue a “Fit for Service” certificate on both Electrofusion and butt welds. Contractors already benefitted from the inclusion of a ‘completion indicator’ on individual couplings such as Tee or Crosses, but the new service now offers complete peace of mind for the whole project team regarding the quality of the finished installation.  This very significant stride forward means that clients in the water, gas distribution, food processing and other industries requiring the highest standards cam now specify systems such eco-FIT, ELGEF Plus and PROGEF with the same confidence as metal pipework alternatives. Meanwhile customers can continue to benefit from these well engineered systems’ speed of installation, versatility, low weight, durability and other key attributes. Crucially GF Pipe System’s new ultrasonic based, non-invasive testing will see the company’s internationally recognised partner provide a responsive on-site service which can check up to 20-30 separate welds per day. The Pass/Fail report can include details of any discontinuities detected by the scanners and is accompanied by a 10-year guarantee to provide complete peace of mind for the specifier or their end client. A spokesperson for George Fischer commented: “At GF Pipe Systems we understand the challenges that customers face during the project cycle, which is why we have developed the NDT solution  to fulfil the same quality standard they would expect from any other piping system but with the Pass/Fail fusion long term weld statement. This increases the value of our offering and ensures it is fully Fit-for-Purpose.”

As one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of HDPE and other pipework systems, George Fischer strives to set the highest standards in quality control, both within the factory and throughout the installation process. The GF Pipe Systems10 year guarantee backed NDT service can only enhance the overall offer to customers.

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