Inside Dantherm Group’s new UK offices

Modern, clean, amazing are not words that you would have used to describe Dantherm Group UK offices one year ago.

The company has undergone a complete renovation over the course of 2018 with the group’s CEO Torben Duer to create a ‘showroom facility’ at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

After becoming part of Dantherm Group in 2016 it was more than obvious that the old ‘Calorex’ offices and manufacturing complex needed more than just a lick of paint.

With the investment in place to create a UK headquarters with a modern factory and state of the art office space, a team of dedicated staff was drafted in to manage the huge refurbishment project.

Intermodern, an established commercial refurbishment company, was contracted to renovate the office space with the factory floor space being designed and constructed by a project team from our staff at Dantherm.

Intermodern Project Director, Steve Watts brief was to transform Unit 12 which was previously used for manufacturing and stores, into a corporate environment that reflected the new Dantherm Group branding and construction started in February 2018.

“Initially we sat down with the directors to understand the company’s requirements, carried out a site audit, survey and then confirmed the parameters we had to work in. With the organisation operations understood a budget was established with a clear idea of what the future looked like and the impact Dantherm wanted to achieve for a productive efficient and client facing UK headquarters.” Said Mr Watts.

“We also had to understand how it would integrate with the factory, how space would be used for training and the overall corporate identification.

“The interior design was quite simple, but the key was space and light. New windows, modern full height entrance and with the latest LED lighting was specified.

Finishes had to be strong and easy maintainable with the colour pallete in line with the group corporate ID. To achieve this, we worked very closely with UK Marketing Manager, Anne Guerrero, who was placed in charge of all interior design decisions.” He added

“I based the interior look on the Dantherm Group brand, using the dark grey, white and lime green as the central design palette,” said Mrs Guerrero.

“My main aim was to create a modern working environment with clean lines, a Scandinavian feel to the furniture to reflect our Danish partners and bring some local aspects into the offices as well”

The design of the new factory was handled by an internal team led by UK Supply Chain Director, Dave Cowdery and Quality and Process Engineering Manager, Gary Swift.

Their vision was to create a new vibrant working environment to reset how we worked and how we were perceived as a company.

The overall goal was to improve efficiency throughout production by reducing footprint and warehouse costs and implementing a 5S process plan to create a LEAN working facility.

“This was a real collaborative effort and an exciting time for all of us in the UK. Not only is it a great place to work in but by bringing the staff all under one roof has created more of a one company mindset. We are truly representing the whole group ethos, whilst also being able to show off the technologies being developed and manufactured in Maldon.” UK MD, Lee Austin added.

View the Dantherm Group UK Office Renovations Project video on the Dantherm Group UK YouTube channel.

We would also like to say a special thank you to Dantherm Ltd staff: Lee Austin, Dave Cowdery, Colin Myers, Brian Bolton, Suzie Rogers, Gary Swift and Anne Guerrero.

Office design and build Intermodern

Furniture was supplied by Spaceist

Signage, imagery and printed wallpaper by NES Solutions

Ventilation systems by AAC Service & Maintenance Ltd

For more information on Dantherm Group’s comprehensive range of high performance units, contact us on 01621 856611 or email or visit


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