Innovative technology for face-to-face meetings

As normality returns, businesses will need to protect staff from Coronaviruses and other microbiological hazards. “It’s not as simple as turning up the ventilation, or installing new ventilation,” claims indoor air quality expert Keith Esdon. “Viruses are spread by infected, possibly asymptomatic people, so it will be necessary to remove infectious particles from expired air when people meet. That is why we developed Meeting-Air™, a low-cost but high-specification air filtration device that sits in the middle of a meeting room table, drawing air from meeting participants and removing potentially hazardous particles.”

Airborne pathogens spread when people either inhale infectious particles or touch infected surfaces and then touch their face. Contact transmission can be reduced by hand washing and disinfection, but an infected person can quickly contaminate the air in a meeting room.

Following the pandemic it is likely that people with flu-like symptoms will stay at home, so the main risk will be from asymptomatic people, who will unknowingly exhale small viral aerosols (<5 μm), which settle less readily (similar to cigarette smoke) and are easily inhaled. The Meeting-Air device will therefore help to reduce risk when people are in close proximity with others. For more information, visit

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