Innovative suspension system grips construction industry

A prefabricated suspension system solution that offers no cutting, no mess and importantly no stress, is fast becoming the system of choice for contactors industry wide.

Fast Trak by Gripple, has become an important tool in driving efficiencies, namely speed and ease, in the installation of suspending cabling and pipes.  Innovate enhancements have been made to the vertical track and horizontal bracket system to increase flexibility and versatility during the installation process.

Because the system is supplied in a choice of prefabricated lengths, there is no need to cut onsite, negating the need for a hot works permit and specialised tools. The new bracket innovation can be used in any orientation. Allowing use of standard channel products and accessories as well as its unique quarter turn accessories to increase flexibility.  There is a suspension point guide, providing faster and safer alignment of brackets as well as a pioneering four-way latch which can be used in any orientation, all providing a mess free, stress-free installation solution.

Advancements made to the track include a ladder style, this allows brackets to be installed in increments of 10mm meaning specified heights can be kept with minimal effort, also enabling the tiering of brackets, to increase the number of services per run. The new manufacturing technologies developed mean that the ladder track is now curved and can be snapped or bent providing a neat and tidy finish with minimal to zero waste all while delivering increased track rigidity and load ratings.

Sales of Fast Trak have increased globally thanks to the uniqueness of the system.  It comes into its own when working at heights and in tight spaces providing a highly efficient suspension solution, without compromising on performance and strength.

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