Innovation at the heart of Facilicom contract with the OU

Facilicom Cleaning Services has extended and expanded its cleaning contract with the Open University (OU), thanks largely to a joint commitment to innovation.

Facilicom has been working with the OU for several years and the latest contract cleaning agreement covers nine locations. This includes the 118-acre site of the OU headquarters at Walton Hall in Milton Keynes, as well as campuses in Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin and Edinburgh.

Facilicom uses the OU headquarters as a flagship for innovation, regularly testing new equipment and machinery before rolling it out to other sites and clients. The OU actively encourages this approach; in fact, it has an agreement with Facilicom that at least one innovation a month must be introduced at Walton Hall.

The two organisations share more than just a love of innovation. Fair treatment and wellbeing are also crucial to the successful relationship.

Jan-Hein Hemke, Facilicom Managing Director, explains: “The OU pays the Living Wage and treats Facilicom colleagues as part of the team, valuing their wellbeing. This has extended to involvement in initiatives such as cycle to work days.

“We are delighted that we will be continuing to work with our partners at the OU and look forward to developing this innovative and inspiring relationship over the coming years.”

The contract also covers OU campuses in London, Manchester, Nottingham and Wellingborough.

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