Innotech Control Systems Australia

_DSC1281 [1600x1200] copyInnotech are a HVAC&R Controls and Building & Energy Management Systems (BEMS) manufacturer from Australia. Established in 1984, Innotech has grown considerably with 100 staff across its offices in Brisbane and Sydney Australia, and is a global success with 50+ distributors across 8 countries.

Innotech have built a culture of innovation, excellence and customer service and this extends through their global distribution network.

Innotech strive to be self-sufficient from manufacture to support and achieve this with its in-house R&D department; state of the art manufacturing facility, sales, service and training departments. This structure is key to Innotech’s success over the last 30 years, ensuring client-focussed, sustainable solutions with backup that is second to none.


Innotech Europe

Innotech recently increased its presence and commitment to Europe by appointing long-time Innotech representative Kevin Taylor from Innotech UK as its Master Distributor for Europe.

Kevin has been in the HVAC&R & BEMS industry since 1986 working with System Integrators and System Specialists providing Innotech products, support and training, with advice on equipment selection and integration with protocols such as BACnet, Modbus and other industry standards.

Kevin’s commitment is a key reason for the successes of Innotech within the UK and Ireland, and with this new appointment, Innotech are satisfied that they have the support in place for the expected increase in partners with the release of Innotech’s “Omni” platform.


Keys to Success

Innotech’s “keys to success” are relatively simple:

  1. Open Development: Allowing active involvement in development by partners/clients.
  2. Quality: Only the highest quality components are used on Innotech products and individual testing ensures reliability.
  3. Life-Cycle Costs: The Innotech solution is cost-effective from design, engineering, programming and commissioning, with no ongoing client licensing fees.
  4. Backup & Support: Innotech understand the need for local backup and support, and therefore carefully select partners with the same goals, ethics and capabilities.
  5. Training: Innotech have full-time trainers, for staff, its global distribution network, as well as industry training.


Omni, the next generation of BEMS:

Innotech are renowned for developing quality innovative products that give our partners a competitive edge. Recently Innotech have been developing its soon to be released new Omni BEMS controller platform, equipped with:

  • Fully programmable points. (allowing use of every point on the controller, with no waste)
  • On-board cross-platform web-server (no plugins like JAVA or Silverlight)
  • Innotech & Native BACnet communications (MSTP and BACIP)
  • On-board alarms and notifications
  • Battery backup with an SQL Lite database
  • Optional Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

We are confident that Omni will become the benchmark for BEMS for the future.


Partner Opportunities:

Over the past 18 months, Kevin Taylor (Innotech Europe) and Innotech HQ have met with existing and prospective partners throughout Europe. There are many people eagerly awaiting the Omni release and partner opportunities are still available.

If you are looking for a product that is user-focussed, sustainable for your clients and gives you the edge on your opposition, contact Innotech Europe now!

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