Informative and provoking, the 2010 Combating Legionella conference

Hydrotec (UK) Ltd were proud exhibitors at this year’s H &V News Combating Legionella conference held at the CBI conference centre in London.

Hydrotec presented their Hydrodos chlorine dioxide generation system, Hydropur range of WRAS approved ultraviolet disinfection systems and their market leading physical conditioning range of Hydromag electromagnetic water conditioners. The company also presented its range of Hydroion Base Exchange water softeners; these softeners now include a chlorinator to cleanse the resin bed during regeneration.


The conference generated much debate regarding the critical need for tight assessment, control and monitoring on water systems in the UK. These facts were starkly illustrated by the unfortunate recent outbreak in the Welsh valleys.  Much of the discussions surrounded legislation, Health and Safety at work act 1974, and the supporting HSE ACOP L8 document, with references to accepted treatments by the water carriers as outlined in guidance by the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) for bacterial control.

The conference was once again chaired by the DWI’s very own Professor Jeni Colbourne. The conference does gather the crème de la crème of the Legionella world, from the industries self proclaimed Red Adair Mr. David Harper, the HSE’s Dr. Paul McDermott, Susanne Surman-Lee ex of the HPA and Mike Arrowsmith and Tom Makin discussed different topics around the HTM-04 guidance for NHS Estates, and ensuring that all hospital trusts have clean and safe water for their patients who are among some of the most susceptible to contracting Legionella.

There was great debate regarding the need for quality Risk Assessments, rather than the copy and paste documents that we all see. Mr. Dave Handley from  Healthy Building International launched the new British Standard 8580 Risk Assessment for Legionella Control, this new standard highlights the need for a quality RA for every commercial / industrial premises, but more importantly that the RA should be produced by COMPETENT trained individuals.

It is clear that in the industry we operate, that short term cost saving measures can have lasting and sometimes terminal results, we all have a responsibility to design, maintain and run safe environments for us all to live, work and play.

As David Harper stated during his presentation “Legionella is beatable” and we all play our part in protecting the wider public.

The Hydrotec iPad raffle

Hydrotec offered an Apple iPad as the prize in a business card raffle. It was designed to add a bit of fun to proceedings. We would like to thank Professor Jeni Colbourne from the DWI for drawin g the winner, she performed the task admirably. There was a mad rush of entries on the second day and we are pleased to confirm that the prize was presented by Hydrotec’s Technical Manager Adrian Aylett to Mr. Robin Slater of Aspire Defence after the draw. Congratulations Robin.

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