Industry should welcome tax levy

Nick Carter, the Managing Director of Lister Gas PRO, UK distributor of Sievert, has said the industry should welcome the government’s imminent increase in packaging waste levy/tax charges on the disposal of steel “because this will motivate both the merchants and heating engineers to do something about the unnecessary hazardous waste that disposable cylinders cause.”
“At first glance,” said Nick, “this packaging waste levy might look like bad news because it will have a direct impact on the price of each disposable steel gas cylinder, and will inevitably increase costs throughout the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the merchants, the installer, and ultimately the final consumer (customer).

“But this is actually good news, for the environment and the industry. By using disposable gas cylinders, engineers are paying over 40% more and are contributing a massive 684,000kgs at least of hazardous waste to UK landfill every year. For environmental and economic reasons, we should refill, not landfill.”

For brazing, soft soldering and other heating applications, the Sievert 2000 Cylinder is a readily available, refillable option. It has a lifetime guarantee and should provide a saving of 40% in the first year, and even more in subsequent years as the price differential increases.

When it comes to purchasing convenience and product performance, there is no difference between the steel disposable and the 2000 Refillable Cylinder. Obtaining refills for a 2000 cylinder is quite simple: users only need to go to a local trade counter (over 2,000 outlets throughout the UK), hand over the empty cylinder, and purchase a full one (in a red Sievert bag).

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