Increased seasonal performance

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new range of City Multi air conditioning units that not only offer a higher seasonal efficiency, but can also maintain higher heating capacities at low ambient temperatures making it ideal for UK climate.

Improvements for the new range include a redesigned compressor with a more concentrated stator coil which delivers a 4% increase in COP/EER (coefficient of performance/energy efficiency ratio) and a redesigned heat exchanger which provides up to a 3% increase in heating/cooling performance. The new models have also been designed to provide better refrigerant distribution through the heat exchanger, resulting in an improved defrost cycle.

Whilst improvements to the fixed load nominal performance of the new City Multi YJM have been made, the real advancement can be found in the systems seasonal performance.

This looks at how the system operates more realistically over a season in heating (SCOP) and a season in cooling (SEER). These figures are commonly used as part of the Part L building regulations national calculation methodology to calculate how much energy a system will use over a year and the CO2 that system produces.

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